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Cotton Bowl 2023 Live Stream: Start time, TV Channel, Watch Free

Do you want to Watch Cotton Bowl 2023 live stream free online from anywhere? You are in the right place. It will be the 87th edition of the Cotton Bowl Classic and No. 16 Tulane will face No. 10 USC on New Year’s 2nd Day.

Cotton Bowl Game live
TeamTulane vs. USC
WhenMonday, January 2, 2023
WhereAT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas
Time1:00 PM ET/ 12:00 PM CT
TV NetworkESPN
Live Stream HDWatch Here
RadioESPN Radio

College Football fans are waiting for the most exciting moments on the last day of the year. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company will be the sponsors of the game. So, its official name is the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic.

However, before proceeding, let’s see the necessary information below.


When and where is Cotton Bowl 2023?

The Cotton Bowl Classic game will happen on Monday, January 2, 2023, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

What is the Cotton Bowl 2023 Start Time?

The officials have set the starting time of the Cotton Bowl Classic Game. It should start around 1:00 p.m. EST (12:00 p.m. CST).

Here is the Time by the state in the US:

  • ET: 1 PM
  • CT: 12 PM
  • MT: 11 AM
  • PT: 10 AM

Cotton Bowl 2023 TV Channels

For the 2023 Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic, the officials of the College Football has been working with the ESPN Network for the coverage. The viewers will be able to tune in ESPN channel to watch Cotton Bowl 2023 Live Online.

As usual, the ESPN broadcast will feature the top professional announcers: Sean McDonough, Todd Blackledge, Molly McGrath and Laura Rutledge.

United States

ESPN channel is the formal official TV channel that has been broadcasting many types of sports entertainment. Moreover, when it comes to the Cotton Bowl Classic, ESPN is the top channel that you can rely on. ESPN will also broadcast the entire event of the Rose Bowl.

The US viewers won’t need to turn to another channel to enjoy the content. Whether you are using cable, satellite, or cordless services, you will be great as long as there is an ESPN channel in the package.


ESPN has worked with many networks around the world to ensure that the viewers get the same opportunity to enjoy college football matches around the world. ESPN has been working with The Sports Network or TSN for contributing to Canada viewers.

ESPN also has a little bit ownership of the TSN. So, the events that happen in the channel will also be accessible through the TSN, including the Cotton Bowl 2023. If you are in Canada, don’t hesitate to tune in TSN to Watch CFL, Soccer including Euro Cup 2024 and other sports Live Online.

United Kingdom

UK viewers can be catching up with the Cotton Bowl through the ESPN Network. However, you can watch Cotton Bowl game 2023 Live Stream through BT Sport ESPN as well. For those who haven’t known, the BT Group has been working with ESPN to provide the platform for all football lovers in the UK. So, tune in BT Sport ESPN if you are in the UK.


Mexico is one of the most significant areas in Hispanic communities. Presuming that Mexico viewers are mostly speaking the Spanish language, there is the ESPN Deportes as the option besides the international version of ESPN. However, if you prefer to English-spoken commentators or announcers, you could consider tuning in the international ESPN channel.

ESPN Deportes indeed gives you the benefits besides the language. Now, you don’t have to worry when inviting your friends at your place and watch Cotton Bowl Live Stream together.

How to Watch The 2023 Cotton Bowl live online

The idea of live streaming is that you don’t have to use the TV in your living room to watch the highly-anticipated Cotton Bowl Live Stream. Instead, you will use your internet connection to stream the game with the help of an online media platform.

You will have full control over where you want to watch Cotton Bowl Live Stream online. Watching Cotton Bowl online comes with two little catches: a decent internet connection and compatible devices.

Watching Cotton Bowl Game Live online is very easy. The good thing here is that the officials of Cotton Bowl have been working with many providers to make sure that all viewers can attain access to the game.

On Cable

Cable TV is still a common choice for many viewers around the world. It is a great option if you are usually watching your favorite shows with your friends and family in the living room. After all, why not use the option that you and your companions can enjoy together?

Through the cable TV, you could tune in the ESPN to watch Cotton Bowl 2023 Live Streaming also has the official social media sites that you can follow to know the latest updates and news.

Without a cable

For those who are not subscribing to Cable or satellite services, you will still have plenty of options to take. The good thing here is that you can watch Cotton Bowl Game game live stream anywhere as long as you have a decent internet connection and compatible devices to stream the content.

Whatever your reason, you might be comfortable to be the online viewers. You are not alone. You are just one amongst millions of people who ditched their cable or satellite subscription because of the hefty prices. It is much simpler and more affordable when you order the media streaming services that provide you the coverage of your favorite shows. The key here is to pick the media streaming service that includes ESPN in their streaming services.

Sling TV

The Sling TV is one of the most popular media streaming services in the US soil. You can’t go wrong with the quality of the service offered by Sling TV.

Sling TV is one of the best options because it has the affordable package to get. Sling TV is accessible in many devices. Speaking of the compatibility, you will be able to check the compatible devices information through its official site. You can also use your Sling TV credentials to access WatchESPN.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now can cover numerous viewers in the US alone. However, just like other media streaming services, it is only available in select areas. If you are not living in the market area, it will become a challenge for you. You can also access the service on various devices including laptop, smartphone, tablet, and PC.

Hulu with Live TV

Probably you know Hulu with Live TV for its excellent service in delivering the TV shows and drama content. Well, it is more than those. The channel also provides an incredible platform for sports lovers. It adds ESPN international in its package. Cotton Bowl is accessible through this provider.

YouTube TV

If you have been familiar with the YouTube platform, you can’t go wrong with YouTube TV. YouTube users won’t need to go anywhere else to watch cotton bowl live streaming.

The good thing about YouTube TV is that the service can be used by three devices simultaneously. So, it is a very great option for those who have multiple viewers at home. You can watch cotton bowl live streaming while other users in your house watch the other channel. It is not a cheaper option, but with this perk, it is much more considerable.

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Way to watch Cotton Bowl Live Stream Free

You might have browsed the available options online. There are some free ways to watch Cotton Bowl live stream free. Third parties are providing free streaming services for the perks they can get from your data or traffic.

It would help if you were careful when using the free streaming services from the third party. The thing is that most of them come with annoying ads that will intervene in your live streaming experience. Instead, you could use the free trials of the media streaming services that we mentioned before.

How to stream Cotton Bowl 2023 from anywhere?

The only downside about top media streaming services (Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, etc.) is that most of them are only available in select markets. They have a pretty strict geo-restriction policy which can block users from other countries.

If you are not living in the area of service, you will experience the blackout. To watch Cotton Bowl Live Stream free from anywhere, you could use the VPN service help. With the VPN service, you can connect to the specific country IP that allows you to access the media streaming service.

Can I watch Cotton Bowl live stream with Reddit?

Reddit provides such a friendly platform for online users. If you are regular Reddit user, you will be able to watch Cotton Bowl Live Stream free from your favorite platform. Reddit is accessible via their official site or the app. You have the freedom to access it from both. The app provides useful information about the way you want to stream the content.

What is the Cotton Bowl Parade?

Just like other Cotton Bowl, there will be the parade before the main event. Its name is The Comerica Bank New Year’s Parade, or people know it as Cotton Bowl Parade. It is an annual parade usually held in downtown Dallas, Texas.

The officials have transformed it to Cotton Bowl Classic and Heart of Dallas Bowl events. The Heart of Dallas Bowl happens at the Cotton Bowl stadium. Meanwhile, the Cotton Bowl Classic is at AT&T Stadium.

Where to watch Cotton Bowl Parade live?

ESPN is the broadcaster off the Cotton Bowl. Viewers can watch the Cotton Bowl parade live through this channel.

Cotton Bowl 2023 – Everything you need to know

Cotton Bowl has a long history, but we can compile It shortly. It is a highly-anticipated college football bowl game that happens annually in Dallas, Texas. It has been entertaining the sports lovers since 1937.

Cotton Bowl Stadium & Location

How to get Cotton Bowl Ticket?

Many people want to attend the venue to root for their favorite team. You might be one of them. Your best option is to purchase your tickets now. The thickest of Cotton Bowl has been available for sale in the official ticketing sites.

You could get your tickets at the official website of Cotton Bowl. The other providers of the Cotton Bowl tickets are Stubhub, Vivid Seat, Ticket Exchange, Ticket City, and Via Gogo.

Who won Cotton Bowl in 2021?

2021 Cotton Bowl Classic Winners: Alabama Crimson Tide football

The Cotton Bowl will be fun. Imagine how many actions that you can witness with your best buddies and family. So, reserve your options to catch up with the Cotton Bowl now.

You can watch Cotton Bowl online anywhere you want with the choices that we shared with you before. Cotton Bowl is fast approaching. Hope this article helps you to decide which option you’d like to take. Good luck!